Fiercely vulnerable

“Let me tell you my secret,” began Janet Stone this morning, having asked us to share a secret with our neighbour, “I don’t care less about back bends!” Most definitely an original way into a vinyasa class which focussed on heart-opening, and which with every word, laughter, joke and ‘whoop!’ shared, had me well and […]


Yoga & Company

I will be forever grateful to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. My regular visits to the different locations along the Primary Series path were a vital journey of acquaintance and discovery, most particularly with myself. For the first couple of years it was literally an introduction to a whole number of muscles I never knew […]


The essence of vibration

The vibration of OM is extremely powerful. This is something that cannot be explained but needs to be experienced. Give yourself a moment to close your eyes, observe the stillness and reconnect with your inner resonance. Before you emit any external sounds, allow yourself a moment to feel this echo inside yourself, observe how a tingling sensation […]