Upgrating my yoga practice

One week has passed after Simon Park post conference 1 day course and I can still remember how weird I was feeling last Wednesday, still swallowing all the experiences I went through during BYC. I have been only practising Yoga for 1 year or so, and I started to practice more often when I attended Yoga […]


Bailando en el Amazonas

Así mismo es como me sentí el Sábado 24 de Abril durante Organix Tribal Dance, el  workshop que impartía Pedro y Terra.  Mi primera actividad de la BYC  llego a ser una de las experiencias sensoriales más remarcables de toda la conferencia. Una oportunidad para conectar profundamente con todos mis sentidos y la madre naturaleza, sentirme libre como un […]


Lost in love with Krishna Das

In this year’s programme post-conference with KD was the event I was most looking for. I already listened to KD’s workshops online from different festivals and yoga events and I love the way he speaks, explains bhakti and how he always says “I don’t know” if he doesn’t know answers to questions. His workshop is […]