sthira sukham asanam @ Jivamukti BYC

We started the day with a dynamic Jivamukti Yoga class led by Olga Oskorbina. Olga chose to give a class on standing balances as a way to honour our relationship to the Earth and all the earthlings. We chanted sthira sukham asanam beautifully in the beginning. Sharon Gannon, founder of Jivamukti yoga method, interprets this […]


yoga magic on Saturday’s BYC

Sitting in the shade of BYC Village this morning I chilled after a great experience with Pedro and Terra. This morning they led us through Tribal Trance dance. The only three things that important, said Terra, is breath, intention and remaining blindfolded. So we all took bandanas from her and out them on, each with […]


Jivamukti army

After Olga Oskorbina’s Jivamukti yoga class a friend that was taking it called us “Ej√©rcito de Jivamukti” which means Jivamukti army. It made me laugh but in a way it is true, we are an army, because we have joined the method with a purpose, make our lives more meaningful and follow the mantra “lokah […]