The essence of vibration

The vibration of OM is extremely powerful. This is something that cannot be explained but needs to be experienced. Give yourself a moment to close your eyes, observe the stillness and reconnect with your inner resonance. Before you emit any external sounds, allow yourself a moment to feel this echo inside yourself, observe how a tingling sensation […]


BYC es unión

“Yoga significa unión. La unión del alma individual con el Espíritu Universal es yoga.” Así lo define BKS Iyengar en “El árbol del Yoga”. Si algo bueno tiene que la ciencia del Yoga sea cada vez más conocida y practicada alrededor del mundo, es que este proceso individual de autoconocimiento es compartido por millones de […]


Unity through Others

Unity through OthersHere is an excerpt from Jivamukti’s Focus of the month written by Sharon Gannon: “The state of “yoga,” or “union,” is when the individual self reunites with the infinite, undifferentiated, eternal Self. Yoga has been described as samadhi, or blissful ecstasy, because it is such a relief to finally reconnect with your whole […]