Lauren began her yoga journey in 2008 while living in the quiet fisherman’s town of Montauk, New York. One day, she came upon a group of yogis practicing near the sandy ocean dunes. It was in this special place with the rhythm of the waves and the salty breeze that Lauren learned what it meant to unite breath with movement through a yoga practice. After this initial experience, she was certified in 2011 in a 200-hour modified Ashtanga program. Lauren is currently studying Yin yoga and Vipassana meditation. Lauren’s teaching style provides each student with the tools for self-discovery, both on and off the mat. Through a vibrant flow practice, her method focuses on proper alignment and positioning, while at the same time, brings awareness to the power of the breath as a catalyst to reach physical and spiritual awakening. Principles such as grounding down and letting go as well as elements of both yang and yin practices are explored with deep compassion. Lauren hopes to inspire others on a path towards wholeness and to realize that one’s great and boundless potential starts from within. Lauren currently lives and facilitates private and group vinyasa flow classes in beautiful Florence, Italy. Her home studio is Radici Yoga Studio:

Karuna: A call for action

By Lauren Raffaela Piccolo  “To overcome obstacles and to win unalloyed happiness, Patanjali offered several remedies.”*      For those who choose it, the yoga path leads one on a journey towards self discovery, namely focusing on freeing the Self from complex inner demons – polluted thoughts, manifestations and actions – that distract us from […]


Yin Yoga for “Yangy” Practitioners

By Lauren Raffaela Piccolo At this year’s Barcelona Yoga Conference, I am thrilled to see daily yin classes on the conference schedule. In the last years yin yoga has grown in popularity, like a saving grace, especially for anyone with a consistent “yangy” practice. Those of us who follow vinyasa flows, ashtanga or jivamukti for example, […]