Carlota Amargós

Synergy at the BYC

Today was Simon Borg Olivier‘s first time teaching at the BYC. These Maltese/Australian yoga teacher has developed a very personal practice that is strong and energetic as well as fluid and safe. Today’s practice was about moving the spine in all the possible directions. During the first hour of the session we went through each movement […]


Finding your Yoga

I recently read a book called The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita by Eaknath Easwaran. To those like me who have the curiosity of reading Indian’s best-known scripture but feel overwhelmed by the magnificence and density of the original text, I fully recommend this book. Easwaran deciphers and distills the teachings of the Gita in […]


Retiro Urbano

Todos necesitamos desconectar de nuestras rutinas, salir de la ciudad y cuidar nuestro cuerpo y espíritu. Los que asistimos a retiros de yoga con regularidad sabemos lo beneficioso que resultan unos días de inmersión en la práctica de asana y de meditación. Nos da este cambio de consciencia, de ritmo vital que ayuda a ver […]