(english below) Estoy fascinada por el universo de conocimientos que se han desplegado al iniciar la práctica, el estudio y la enseñanza del Yoga. Actualmente imparto clases de Hatha Vinyasa a practicantes de niveles principiantes e intermedios y me sigo inspirando y expandiendo conocimientos explorando, estudiando y practicando con diversos profesores. Mis clases se enfocan en la respiración como hilo conector de la práctica, en búsqueda de un equilibrio físico - mental y de conexión con nuestra esencia universal. ( I am fascinated by the universe of knowledge which has been deployed through the practice, study and teaching of Yoga. Currently I teach Hatha Vinyasa practitioners of beginner and intermediate levels, I continue to be inspired and expand my knowledge exploring, studying and practicing with different teachers. My classes focus on the breath as the guiding thread of the practice, in search of a physical - mental balance and connection with our universal essence. (

inspiration and integration

After a wonderful healing session with Patrick Broome that focused on the South of the medicine wheel, the qualities and embrace of the mother and combined chanting, meditation, gentle movements and deep relaxation with yoga nidra (just what I needed after an intense and beautiful weekend), I went to David Lurey´s class. David quickly announced that it wouldn´t be […]


the passage of the breath

Today, many of the classes that I joined focused on the breath.  8am Iyengar Yoga with Nikki Costello started her session with a beautiful phrase “This is a good day, the sun has risen in its constant and devotional way and we are lucky to be here to practice together, as hatha yogis, we synchronize our rhythms to the sunrise and […]


yoga for kids with Mireia

At the end of the day, I participated in the workshop teaching Yoga 4 kids with Mireia Castellsagué.  The group was a mixture of yoga teachers with experience in teaching yoga for kids, teachers that have never taught yoga for kids but are interested in doing so, parents and some children and babies roaming around. […]


movers and shakers

At 8 am today, we became movers and shakers!  This took place in the guided yoga trance dance with Shiva Rea. She highlighted that it was the first one ever celebrated so early in the morning but that she was super excited to have the opportunity to share this powerful practice and guide the group to […]