(english below) Estoy fascinada por el universo de conocimientos que se han desplegado al iniciar la práctica, el estudio y la enseñanza del Yoga. Actualmente imparto clases de Hatha Vinyasa a practicantes de niveles principiantes e intermedios y me sigo inspirando y expandiendo conocimientos explorando, estudiando y practicando con diversos profesores. Mis clases se enfocan en la respiración como hilo conector de la práctica, en búsqueda de un equilibrio físico - mental y de conexión con nuestra esencia universal. ( I am fascinated by the universe of knowledge which has been deployed through the practice, study and teaching of Yoga. Currently I teach Hatha Vinyasa practitioners of beginner and intermediate levels, I continue to be inspired and expand my knowledge exploring, studying and practicing with different teachers. My classes focus on the breath as the guiding thread of the practice, in search of a physical - mental balance and connection with our universal essence. (

Yoga & food

“To begin with, all food was considered as human medicine. Food is the medicine which creates equili­brium.” -Beads of Truth by Yogi Bhajan pic by: So what is it about yogis and food? I don´t know about you, but since I started to practice yoga regularly, my eating habits have changed significantly. To begin with, […]


Our Intrinsic Genius

“When we honor the intelligence of our bodies, we are honoring the highest intelligence, that which is inherent to all creatures of nature…” Meghan Currie We have completed six weeks of teacher training with Meghan Currie. They have been powerful, intense, at times overwhelming but definitely transforming days. These weeks have been focused on going […]


Essential Oils Therapy

The first thing I do as I run away from the city commotion and murky air and arrive in a natural landscape is to take a deep, deep breath! I take a moment to inhale all the fragrances around me, identifying the different sources of these unique, lively smells. My lungs and nose are thankful for this […]



“As we learn to surrender to the teachings of each moment, our full creative potential is revealed…” Meghan Currie    I’m currently in Nicaragua taking part in Meghan Currie’s 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training. The weather is hot, the monkeys are howling, the Earth is dry, longing for the May rain; the stars are shining, […]


a whole new chaturanga!

The post conference with Tiffany Cruikshank focused on exploring the shoulder joint. An initial invigorating practice lead us to explore the mobility, stability, limitations and challenges of our shoulders through diverse asanas and creative vinyasa sequences. After a short break, Tiffany gave an overview of the different anatomical components of the shoulder joint which is actually […]