(english below) Estoy fascinada por el universo de conocimientos que se han desplegado al iniciar la práctica, el estudio y la enseñanza del Yoga. Actualmente imparto clases de Hatha Vinyasa a practicantes de niveles principiantes e intermedios y me sigo inspirando y expandiendo conocimientos explorando, estudiando y practicando con diversos profesores. Mis clases se enfocan en la respiración como hilo conector de la práctica, en búsqueda de un equilibrio físico - mental y de conexión con nuestra esencia universal. ( I am fascinated by the universe of knowledge which has been deployed through the practice, study and teaching of Yoga. Currently I teach Hatha Vinyasa practitioners of beginner and intermediate levels, I continue to be inspired and expand my knowledge exploring, studying and practicing with different teachers. My classes focus on the breath as the guiding thread of the practice, in search of a physical - mental balance and connection with our universal essence. (

Yoga in the air & refreshing summer rain!

This year, we have been blessed with refreshing summer showers that cooled the temperature down a bit, a strange thing in the hot Barcelona summer, but something more to be grateful for. The atmosphere in the Barcelona Yoga Conference this year is trully exciting! Being able to meet, chat and practice with so many dedicated and experienced teachers is a […]


take yoga into the world

The session today with Patrick Broome was beautiful and nourishing. photo: Sara Traubel And as always, Patrick didn´t miss the opportunity to share relevant  knowledge about the essence of yoga. He recalled his teachers words that yoga is about relationships… our relationship to Earth and nature, our family, people around us, ourselves. Asana, he said, is about […]


movement as therapy

We were invited by Meghan Currie to call in all spectrums of our awareness to the NOW. We started the practice with an ocean of OM’s and an afterward collection of all the remaining tiny bits of the beautiful vibration that were created from so many hearts singing together. photo: karina gusalova Guided by Meghan’s […]


surfing the breath

Today, the workshop with Simon Park felt like going surfing with a buddy and then visiting your favorite day spa, all to the rhythm of Johannes gracefully playing the guitar and signing to us beautiful mantras, throughout the whole experience.  What an incredible way to begin the conference! At the end of the seven hour practice, […]


be open to receive

“When you trully receive the gift of life  as it is manifested right NOW,  you realize that you,  being alive, being who you are,  with all your parts, perfect, imperfect, balanced, unbalanced, questions & answers,  is the biggest of miracles. When you embrace life as the greatest marvel, you become grateful. And it´s OK if […]


What is it about Acroyoga?

The first time I learned about Acroyoga was some years ago in a park, I saw some people lifting each other up and down and having some loud and contagious laughs. Ever since that day, I have seen many more Acroyoga scenes around the city and began to hear more and more about this interesting […]