In Conversation with Nina Adams of Blindfold Yoga

Today we meet another teacher sharing their practice at the Barcelona Yoga Conference 2018, Nina Adams who happens to live in Barcelona and has a great message for everyone interested in Yoga.
Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and the Yoga you offer i.e. Rocket Yoga?
My name is Nina and I’m a free citizen of the world!
I loved Yoga from the very first moment and I took this spiritual path with all my heart since 2002, first with meditation and then with Yoga.
Now I live in Barcelona, the city I also love so much and I teach daily Yoga classes, workshops, events and more.
Rocket Yoga is a practice where you can feel the healing power of the internal fire, the agni (fire) that burns impurities of the body and mind, leaving an amazing sensation after the practice. Rocket is divided in three sequences which are related with the 1, 2, 3 sequences of the Ashtanga Yoga method. Com and try!
What would you say to someone who wants to begin a Yoga practice but feels intimidated by all the Yoga photos splashed across social media these days, with people doing some rather extreme poses?
Social media is a window display where people show the finished product of their practice but you rarely see the whole process of the years and years invested in the practice itself. You just see the results so don’t feel intimidated, feel inspired to become great!
Can you tell us about the idea behind Blindfold Yoga and what our readers can expect from your Blindfold Yoga class at the Barcelona Yoga Conference this year?
The blindfold experience is a unique practice because it allows you to connect deeply with your body and mind. Because you have less external inputs and more inner connection with yourself, through sensations and listening attentively the guidance of the teacher, making the experience very special one.
Can you share a little bit about the teachers who have most influenced your teaching? 
My parents are my Gurus & my greatest teachers. Besides that, any person with a strong willpower, love, and focus is my teacher.
I love resilient people and that is not only found in Yoga teachers. I just love challenges and people who overcome them with grace.
What in your view are the 3 most essential qualities of a Yoga teacher?
Honest, Kind and Respectful.
Do share anything else you’d like to share with our readers 
I just want to say that Yoga is not a monopoly of anyone. Yoga is a personal practice, a spiritual path that has no label. Be free, practice label-free yoga!
Thank you Nina!
That’s a beautiful message and some wise words from Nina Adams! Looking forward to her Blindfold Yoga session at the Barcelona Yoga Conference 2018 Full schedule here

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