your path through the yamas – asteya



The third yama is asteya can be translated as not stealing, in other words, not taking more than we needthe need to steal essentially arises because of a lack of faith in ourselves to be able to create what we need by ourselves & so insecurity, feeling ‘incomplete’ & desire might rise…

To cultivate asteya ~ in your yoga practice ~ allow yourself to be open & accept exactly how your practice is at that moment, not stealing your attention from what each asana & moment brings but allowing yourself to be fully aware & present with what is, just as it is.

How do you cultivate asteya in your in daily life? Analyze our current patterns of accumulation, buying or consuming much more food & stuff than we need is stealing from the balance that should exist among creatures on earth. Cultivate awareness of what we REALLY need which is so much less than we think we do, we bring asteya into our lives.

Share in comments or with the people around you about this important yogic concept that is so relevant in our lives today.

Thank you for reading & until very soon …


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