brahmacharya – a journey to peace inside



Brahmacharya known as ‘control‘ or ‘chastity’ is the fourth yama, it guides us to direct our energy (vital & sexual) with moderation, towards finding peace & happiness within ourselves.

To cultivate this yama ~ in your yoga practice ~ drop expectations of external outcomes & focus on how your practice feels inside, move from inner awareness & let it be your guide.

Bringing this yama into your daily life, dedicate a few moments each day to stop, breathe & find peace to reconnect, revitalize & avoid drainage… also, and very very important – inquire within whether you are honoring or harming yourself with the relationships in your life… be open to receive an honest answer from within.

What other ways can you think of applying and inviting this yama into your life? Please share in comments or with people around you to start an interesting conversation.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Until very soon.

Love & peace,


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