Yoga & Neuro Somatic Reprogramming ® with Sebastian Bartu

Today we chat with Sebastian Bartu, founder of the NSR-Academy (Neuro Somatic Reprogramming ®) and a Swiss-trained osteopath who has spent the last 10 years teaching neurological empowerment seminars and treating patients in chronic pain clinics all over Europe and Asia. He has been leading NSR ®  seminars for coaches, consultants, health professionals and therapists in over 25 countries since founding NSR Academy in 2004.

What is Neuro Somatic Reprogramming®? Find out in this intro video:

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Let’s find out more about what he has to offer at the Barcelona Yoga Conference 2018

Can you give us a brief explanation of what Neuro Somatic Reprogramming ®  is? 

The NSR ®  Educational Courses integrates cutting-edge research, theories and techniques of Osteopathy, Psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness and Martial Arts. This holistic education program teaches unique health empowering protocols and pain release techniques which remove blockages and disease from the body and unblock physical, mental and emotional structures.

This method is extremely simple, powerful and accessible to everyone. 

It offers you a step-by-step guide with simple in-depth explanations of how to activate the mechanisms in your body that boost your health, remove blockages and pains in the body and skyrocket your energy levels. You know when you are feeling energized, powerful and pumped with motivation and energy? Well that is the result of a hormonal biochemical reaction. And it is possible to activate the immediate secretion of these powerful happy hormones in the blood through very intelligent exercise protocols and very well-researched and tested techniques. That’s why everyone loves the NSR Hormones Boosting Series ®!

This video will help readers understand what NSR is about: What is NSR

What is Neuro Somatic Reprogramming ® ? And what are we reprogramming?

This method allows you to change the neurological signal between the mind’s cognitive structures (neuro) and the body (somatic). As children, we develop these neurological patterns and with time and repetition they become deeper ingrained in our nervous system. These patterns determine our behavior, our emotions, our perception and of course our potential for health and well-being. 

NSR ®  teaches you protocols which allow you to identify several ‘bad’ pathological neurological patterns and replace them with ‘good’ health empowering patterns. The method has many different protocols which allow you to enhance the function of several different systems on the body.

I will give you a practical example; there is a NSR ®  Protocol especially designed to balance out the acidity in the body. Why is this important?

Every cell in our body needs to breathe new oxygen and to clear acidic carbon dioxide to function correctly.

During exercise your muscles produce lactate. The accumulation of lactate increases acidity of the surrounding environment which increases the body’s acidity in general. Increased blood acidity can cause weight gain, obesity, diabetes, premature aging, immune deficiency, chronic fatigue and acceleration of free radical. Acidic environments are breeding grounds for pathogens which cause inflammation, disease and chronic pain. Acidity is also the principal cause of heart disease. When the arteries thicken with plague it is inflammation created by the internal acidic environment.

So the fastest way to increase the acidity in your entire body is to contract as many muscles as possible and hold your breath. 

But what’s the fastest way to reduce the acidity in the body? Change my diet? Eat more alkaline foods?  Practice more yoga? Do more meditation retreats and visualization techniques? 

Well, all of the above will help you balance the pH of your body. However, the factor which causes the biggest buildup of lactate in your body is:

The ‘Permanent Unconscious Muscle Contractions’ – PUMC’! These are muscles which are constantly creating lactate because they are constantly receiving a signal from the brain to contract, and you have no idea that this is going on.

An obvious example is the night-time teeth grinding – bruxism. We are not aware that our brain is sending a strong signal of contraction to our jaw muscles making us grind our teeth so strongly that we even wake up the person sleeping next to us. So these ‘PUMC’ happen both at night and during the day.

 Imagine how much acidity is being created from the ‘PUMC’ which are happening in your body right now without you even being aware of it.


An NSR ® session in progress

So what’s the fastest way to reduce the ‘PUMC’ and prevent all the serious health problems related to excess acid?

Step 1: Identify the PUMC

First we use the NSR ® Diagnosis Protocol to identify which muscle groups or organs are constantly being bombarded with neurological signals of muscles contraction from the brain. 

Step 2: Apply the NSR ®  Treatment Protocols to reprogram these neurological signals and introduce new signals in your nervous system, overriding and replacing the old pathological nervous signals. 

Step 3: Then you are given a personalized 21 Day NSR ®  exercise program which allows you to ingrain these new health-empowering neurological signals in your system to make sure they completely override the old signals. 

The old acid-causing neurological pattern is the cause for many symptoms in both organs and muscles and can cause chronic back pains, joints and headaches. For example, arthritis is 100% related to the accumulation of acid that damages cartilage, causes a dryness that irritates and swells the joints. When uric acid builds up it deposits in the form of crystals, like broken glass in the feet, hands, knees and back. Finally, most digestive disorders, nausea, bloating, gastric reflux, and overweight are symptoms caused by excess acid in the gastric region.

So can you imagine how different you would feel after having reprogrammed your nervous system to stop sending unnecessary signals of contraction to different organs, muscles and joints? The change is on a bio-chemical level and it is immediate and can be felt moments after finishing each protocol. 

  1. What led you to develop the NSR ® methodology? Who/what have been your prime influences in your journey?

My mother Sandra Bartu C.O. is a renowned Pediatrician Osteopath who teaches Advanced Pediatrics Osteopathy courses in Europe and in America. So from a very young age I received osteopathic treatments and was exposed to her knowledge, wisdom and expertise in the field of health and healing. During my 5 years of Osteopathic training in Switzerland, I stated working with her in her clinic: ‘Osteopathic Center for Children’.  Needless to say she was my most important teacher and my biggest inspiration. The extensive clinical experience I got from treating newborns and children with serious health conditions allowed me to see the power and importance of Osteopathy in society. I wanted to share my passion and skills with people who needed them the most. So I started to travel like crazy and whenever I was invited to work in a health clinic I would systematically say ‘yes’.

Between 2009 and 2012 I travelled and treated chronic pain patients in health clinics in over 35 cities and 25 countries. 

This was an incredible experience which allowed me to understand the core patterns which are connected to chronic pain, illness and obstruction of health. 

By 2012, after 3 years of constant travel I had completely overworked myself and suffered from several serious health issues including a frozen shoulder, a ripped meniscus, and extreme acid reflux. I was forced to stop treating patients and focus on restoring my own health. 

I went back to the books to study intensely the human anatomy, the bio mechanics, research on the hormonal system and what regulates pressure in the brain and nervous system. After several months of research and experimentation on myself, I developed some core principles about neurological empowerment and sustainable health. And from these principles I created a unique, simple, step-by-step method to change (reprogram) the pathological neurological signals. The NSR ®  Protocols allowed me to heal 100% my frozen shoulder, my ripped meniscus as well as my acid reflux without any medication, operations or doctors.  

Since 2012, I have been teaching people in different parts of the world how to reprogram their brain and remove old pathological patterns in their muscles, organs, nerves, and endocrinal system. 

From all my research on the hormonal system I created unique dynamic exercises “NSR Hormone Boosting Series ® “, which allows you to create 150% muscle strength, rejuvenate your skin and muscles and produce a high concentration of happy hormones in a short amount of time. 

Because I’m still crazy about travelling and sharing my passion with others I have created different courses allowing different people to come together to learn these Protocols. 

  • – The Self Healing Protocols® Certification and the Neurological Stress Management Certification is open to everyone
  • – The Neuro Somatic Coaching® Certification is specifically designed for coaches who want to integrate powerful somatic practices in their coaching sessions. 
  • – The NSR Yoga Teacher Training Certification is created for yoga teachers and students that want to learn how to teach NSR Yoga® and integrate the NSR Pain Release Protocols in their current classes. 
  • – The Osteopathic Fascial Pain Release Therapy® Certification is reserved for health professionals, medical doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists who are already working with patients and are eager to learn new manual medicine techniques for chronic pain. 

3.What are the kinds of health issues that NSR ®  can address and cure? Is NSR  ® for everyone? What are the immediate and long-term benefits one can expect from NSR? 

Yes NSR ®  is for everyone. And offers fast sustainable solutions for chronic pain in different parts of the body. 

There are specific, easy to learn NSR Pain Release Protocols for each part of the body, each major articulation: each section of the spine, shoulder, neck, hips, knees, feet…

There are also specific protocols to improve health problems in the immune system, the digestive system, the hormonal system and the brain’s central nervous system.

I’ve seen the NSR Protocols give immediate sustainable results to people suffering from Chrone’s disease, arthritis, hernias, bulging disc, kidney/bladder infections, thyroid malfunction, respiratory track disorder and acute and chronic pain.

NSR ®  is perfect for you if you:

  1. Are dying to get rid of your recurring back pains? Neck pains? Are you suffering from recurring pain or chronic pain somewhere in the body. Are you frustrated from trying different unhelpful methods to remove pain?
  2. Have recently had an accident and are now suffering from acute pain in one part of the body
  3. Are feeling exhausted, lack of energy, lack of motivation and hoping to start feeling strong, healthy and powerful again. 
  4. Curious about learning new state-of-the-art techniques which have been tested in over 35 countries with people suffering from chronic and acute pain. 
  5. Feel helpless in front of a medical diagnosis and you’re not sure where and how to start the healing process.
  6. Are having troubles with your digestion, your weight management or your skin is not as clear as it used to be.

IMG_8370 (1).jpg

  1. Tell us more about your NSR Yoga TTC and the overlap between Yoga and NSR ® . 

At the age of 18, I was obsessed with Yoga. Before studying Osteopathy and Psychology I spend lots of time in Rishikesh, India practicing and studying Yoga in different ashrams with different teachers. Later I completed my Teacher’s Training Certification at the Sivananda Center in Austria.

So my first in-depth understanding of the human body was highly influenced by the science of Yoga. 

The Yogic principles and knowledge influenced my work as an osteopath immensely and were part of the building blocks for NSR ® . 

I created the NSR TTC because more and more Yoga teachers were asking me to create it. I realized that there is a huge need in the Yoga world for safe, efficient and sustainable pain prevention and pain release techniques.

So I modified the NSR Protocols in a way that they can be integrated into a Yoga class and taught to a group of people. The first Yoga teachers to take one of my trainings and implement it in their classes gave me such positive feedback that I knew this was an important thing to keep growing. 

I realized that so many Yoga teachers would love to be able to offer solutions to their students that are suffering from chronic back pains, shoulder pains, health issues, digestive problems and reoccurring illnesses. 

I also realized that many Yoga teachers are super interested in learning cutting edge theories, research and techniques about how to influence the brain, nervous system, the fascial chains and the hormonal system. And that most of their prior Yoga teacher trainings gave them very little knowledge and tools about these topics. 

So the NSR TTC is a Certification especially designed for passionate Yoga teachers and students who want to expand their understanding of the most important systems in the body and be able to offer sustainable pain release solutions to their community. At the end of the NSR TTC, the participants are able to teach the full series of NSR Pain Release Protocol ®  for specific parts of the body as well as the Hormone Boosting Series, the Chi Charging Series, and the Myofascial Release Series. 

The NSR TTC gives the teachers a complete NSR Yoga Manual with all the Protocols illustrated with detailed text explaining all the benefits from each protocols, and risks and how they can be integrated in a class. 

There is so much material taught in this training that the participants walk away with the ability to offer specialized pain release classes for specific parts of the body. For ex: 1 hour NSR Yoga class to release chronic knee pains, or shoulder pains…

Everyday there are more and more people doing Yoga, and more and more people doing asanas which are not helping their current health situation. 

Finally, I feel that there are so many ways which one can injure themselves practicing yoga. It’s now time to learn a method to prevent injury, and heal old recurring injuries. 

I will be starting the next NSR TTC in English in Oct 2018 just outside of Barcelona. Please visit the website for more details. 

 My biggest mission is to keep growing the community of Certified NSR Yoga Teachers because they will be the best ambassadors to keep spreading this technique around the world and helping as many people as possible live healthy, vibrant, pain-free lives.  


  1. Tell us a little about the impact your social projects have had in different countries around the world. 

The NSR Social Projects are opportunities for students to participate in an already established volunteer program which offers special health care to under-privileged communities suffering from difficult past experiences and health issues. 

These are the selection of projects, communities and people I have had the opportunity to work with.

After the students have finished their NSR training certification, they are invited to join a community or a project and do volunteer work offering NSR Protocols to people with health difficulties. And teaching the theory and practices of the method.   

The aim is autonomy through education. In these projects, we hold workshops where we teach the core principles of NSR ®  and show them how they can do on themselves the  NSR ‘Self Healing Protocols’ ®  which they can do for their specific pains and complaints. 

If you are interested in receiving more information about a particular volunteer project then please get in touch with me via the website

  1. 6. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers and people who will be attending the Barcelona Yoga Conference 2018?

It will be the first time that I am offering these NSR ®  techniques in a Yoga festival. On Saturday, 21 July I’ll be teaching the NSR Reprogramming the Breath Protocol ®  and on 22 July Sunday 15:15-17:45 I will teach the NSR Spiral Technique ®  and the NSR Digestive Organs Protocol ® . These are among my favorite and most powerful protocols. These techniques are completely different to anything you have already experienced and allow you to feel the immediate benefits in your entire body. 

Thank you Sebastian for sharing your knowledge with us. Looking forward to attending the Neuro Somatic Reprogramming ®  sessions in BYC 2018!


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