Upgrating my yoga practice


One week has passed after Simon Park post conference 1 day course and I can still remember how weird I was feeling last Wednesday, still swallowing all the experiences I went through during BYC.
I have been only practising Yoga for 1 year or so, and I started to practice more often when I attended Yoga Connects Festival in Rugby, the UK. Since then, I have met a lot of yoga teachers but Simon is one of the wisest and most knowledgeable I have ever met. You could notice it from the first sentence on his pitch. Unsurprisingly, he has been named one of the most influential teachers worldwide.
Simon has a unique yoga style, influenced by surf and martial arts and a really peaceful way of teaching. We had 3 hours of flow, gentle movement practice in combination with his smiley face and good vibes.


After the break, we spent hours in deep and wise speech. He went through some elements of yoga philosophy and he summed up some of his most relevant lessons. Dharma Mittra answered once that people do yoga because yoga tastes good. Simon shared with us his philosophical approach to the practice, his yoga journey and how yoga lessons can benefit your daily life. He stated that if you can get in each pose the right amount of prana, you can have a balance between the five energies and only then you can get the most of your practice.
Since the majority of the attendants of the course were teachers, the last part was focused on how to create sequencing poses when planning a yoga class. I must admit I got a little bit lost in this bit but I learnt that a good yoga sequence should consider external factors such the setting of the class (light, noise, temperature) and that is important to have a structure, but also to improvise according to any given situation.

20479708_1570198406353070_3044682332527473232_nAt the end of the course, we spent some time going in detail with some basics poses and I could actually acknowledge how hard is to hit each pose properly, with a solid approach and balanced energies. Simon gave me some tips to correct my postures alignment which has actually shaped my yoga practice and I will never forget :).

If you missed him this year, make a note in your Agenda for BYC 2018 or check out his website!

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