Why You Should Come to Barcelona Yoga Conference 2018

Photo: Axel Hebenstreit

Just over a week has passed since the BYC 2017 opened its loving arms to thousands of yogis from around the world. Big, well-organized, colorful – it is a perfect place to practice from dusk to dawn, get inspired, get moved, make friends, or spend time as a family.

1. Barcelona Yoga Conference is expanding its reach

Photo: Axel Hebenstreit

This was my second time at the conference, the first one being back in 2014. I can definitely tell that in these past 3 years BYC has grown larger, expanded wider, and establishing itself quite well. The sheer number of offers, participating teachers, and students from all corners of the world hints into the direction that this trend will continue.

2. Barcelona Yoga Conference offers a very unique experience

Photo: Wari Om

It certainly has a unique feeling to it, a sort of brand if you want: it is definitely bhakti in nature, devotional, singing/chanting kind; and despite the huge offer of different classes, styles, and teachers, there is something that unites them all… it’s hard to pin point what it is… It is a feeling, something that you have to experience for yourself, a very tiny glimpse of which you can kind of gather from the beautiful official photos.

Photo: Wari Om

You see a lot of smily faces, heart connections (friendships, families), it’s mostly pairs of people, groups of people, it’s about a community, about bringing people together rather than emphasizing the individual.

3. Barcelona Yoga Conference has a lot of live music

Photo: Wari Om

And then between, during, at the same time with the classes there is music, a lot of it. Kirtan slots run throughout the program, and live music during the practice is as natural as having a yoga mat. People sing, people chant, people open up their heart and connect to each other in this most basic, raw, ancestral kind of way.

4. Barcelona Yoga Conference offers quality teachers & classes

Photo: Axel Hebenstreit

Maybe it is my intuition or simply good luck, but each class I attended was of top quality.

What do I mean by top quality? For me personally it is very important to learn from yoga teachers who are not mere fitness instructors.

Photo: Axel Hebestreit

Don’t get me wrong, the teachers at the BYC have an advanced level of physical development, so anyone into handstands and arm-balances will be satisfied to participate. But then there is much more you can get from these classes: the elements of yoga philosophy, talks on yoga values, ways on how you can apply yoga into your daily life to become more balanced, more self-realized, more happy.

5. Barcelona Yoga Conference will leave you pleasantly surprised

Photo: Wari Om

So no matter what pushes your buttons best and what expectations you bring along with you, you’re definitely in for a surprise. BYC is one of these very rare places that is full of unique and exciting opportunities. Just keep your eyes open!

Photo: Axel Hebenstreit

Maybe you make a really good friend from abroad and come visit them in the future. Perhaps you will make a contact with some yoga teachers that invite you to teach a workshop at their studio. Could be that you meet the love of your life. And it is also possible that you will come face to face with your inner demons and would have to confront an old mental/emotional pattern that doesn’t serve you. In any case, you will surely be happy you went to the BYC!


  1. Tanwir Ahmed

    I want to participate the said conference. Pl send me invitation. And procedures of participation. Tanwir Ahmed Asstt physical Director, Director yoga centre Government post graduate college Rajouri j&k India mob 09419170747

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