Lost in love with Krishna Das


In this year’s programme post-conference with KD was the event I was most looking for.

I already listened to KD’s workshops online from different festivals and yoga events and I love the way he speaks, explains bhakti and how he always says “I don’t know” if he doesn’t know answers to questions.

His workshop is a mix of chanting, stories, explaining bhakti, talking about Neem Karoli Baba and q&a. In the heat of the afternoon we didn’t have that many questions, but there were some. One lady asked what is the point of kirtan in relationship with japa meditation. KD said that essentially they are the same but it so happens sometimes that japa becomes less concentrated, like as if you’re doing it in front of the TV. But every repetition of the holy names is a seed that we plant in our heart and when we come together we plant those seeds better, consciously, carefully with devotion.

Doesn’t it go the same way for the whole of yoga practice, we need both our time alone with our practice and it is also good to come together and plant the seeds together, in yoga classes, kirtans, and events like BYC, to see that we are many, we are all longing and we are all searching. Together.

KD told another story about when he was with his guru. He and Ram Das asked Neem Karoli Baba how to realize God and they were ready to write it down and do whatever this indian enlightened being would tell them and to finally become self realized. Maharaji said “meditate like Jesus”. KD and Ram Das were surprised to hear about Jesus and kind of disappointed as well, they came all the way to India, they were wearing these indian clothes ready to meditate in Indian way, but like Jesus? “How did Jesus meditate?”, they asked. Maharaji stopped for a while and it was like the Earth stopped. Tears started run down his face. “Meditate like Jesus means to lose yourself in love. So serve people, feed people, help people, like Jesus did”.

It was hard not to cry during this workshop because of the sincerity of KD story, the inspiration he shared. It was a true pearl of BYC.

Looking forward for more of those in the years to come.



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