swimming in gratitude & knowledge after a day workshop with Simon Park

What a treat is has been to spend this day flowing & learning from Simon Park & the music that Coco prepared for us as well as her gentle, efficient assists!

Our workshop started with a very brief introduction, Simon explained he had been a student of Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Joan White, and Dharma Mittra, he also mentioned his teachings were influenced by martial arts, tai chi & surfing!

FullSizeRender (7)We later practiced some gentle and efficient conscious movements to warm up the joints & arrive in the body-mind that felt really good in the body after three days of yoga!

We continued to be led through a fun, creative & flawlessly balanced flow, between effort & challenge (yin & yang) as well as moments of cool down and integration between waves of intensity and peak poses.  I truly enjoyed every second of this practice, specially because we moved slow, mindfully and repeatedly reminded to acknowledge the breath and balance the opening energy of prana & ground and the support of apana (gravity-earth), not to mention the numerous water metaphors and images that were delicately thread throughout his cuing, making us feel like we were swimming through refreshing cool water sometimes and other times like surfing on our mats. 

“What really stands out for me in Simon’s teachings is his calm, equanimous tone of voice which makes you feel at peace, safe & held during the hold time you are moving through his guidance.”

The morning practice ended with pranayama, a replenishing savasana and this beautiful meditation that I wish to share because I found it so simple, yet so profound:

“keep the inner gaze bright
allow the moments to pass
any signs of holding on,
any signs of anticipation & expectation
try to let that go,
when the mind can let go,
then you come into the present moment
connect to a feeling of joy & gratitude in your heart
& cultivate that connection
embrace that feeling
with each breath,
when all the world drops away
connect with the richness in yourself,
bring your hands together at the heart
bow into the light
acknowledging all the blessings you receive
every single day”

After our lunch break, we met again to focus on different aspects of teaching, as many of the people in the room were yoga teachers, we were interested in discussing & learning about sequencing creatively & efficiently. Simon said that for him a great yoga sequence was like the creation of a great jazz piece, a balance between structure and improvisation. He also mentioned that he very much encouraged us to arrive to our classes with an open attitude to receive the need & energy of each class that we taught.

During the last part of our day we focused on discussing cues & assists for simple postures yet so interesting to study them in detail with such a knowledgeable teacher. Just a reminder that the path of yoga is one that you begin and never cease to learn with.

Don´t loose a chance to learn and practice with Simon, check out his website liquidflowyoga.com for updates on trainings, events & workshops.

Grateful to close an amazingly special weekend with such a sweet taste of knowledge & gratitude!

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