Reflecting on day 5 at #BYC2017 w/ Edu Albert

Every day, I browse out to capture the highlights and take-aways of some of our BYC yogis.


On the last day I talked with Edu Albert. Edu gives treatments and courses at their yoga studio OmShanti La Roca in La Roca, Catalunya.



Edu, how was today at BYC? 

Today? Wonderful!

I had a great morning and came here to help, to just do whatever it is that needed to be done. It’s not work, it’s just helping and growing and sharing and meeting sangha and having fun and meeting friends and yeah, laughing, crying.


Can you share something beautiful and something that was challenging for you today? 

Something really beautiful happened to me yesterday actually. I realized something, after a Jivamukti yoga class. I was feeling god and angles inside of me and at the same time I was feeling hell. And I realized that if you focus on beauty, everything is – everything is inside of us! I had been stressed and mad before the class and then after that Jivamukti class with Heeki, it just changed my whole day and everything had shifted.

Afterwards, everything fixed itself. No more words were needed. I went to the kirtan and just hugged and danced – no talking. What a big power the kirtan has. The love that you share. It was magic! Heeki was saying in her class that this is magic – so I felt magic happen yesterday!


Today, what was challenging was when I had to leave the Krishna Das’ workshop to drive the van. It was like “but I want to stay! But I have to go. But I want to stay! And I have to go”. But then I felt: do what you have to do. So I left with the van with all the things from the conference and it was the right thing to do to support all this. And I made it back in time to see Krishna Das again and get my book signed. You should know the first mantra I ever heard was Krishna Das, 11 years ago! Wari introduced us to it, actually. And I have a lot of love for Krishna. So I lost a little bit of kirtan, but in the end, it was round [draws a circle in the air].


And what will you take with you from today?


Keep working with faith and love – this is what I take.

Shut up your mind and keep walking, keep working, keep opening the heart. Because sometimes we don’t realize and we close our hearts. So yeah: Shut up my mind and keep up the faith and love, because it’s amazing to be part of this Sangha, this sangha-family, this,… I don’t know what it is, but you know!


Yes I know! And I don’t know!

Exactly, there are now words, but you know, and she also knows [looks at Eva Sion]. And we don’t know! But we know – that’s why we are here.

Edu, thank you so much for sharing and being here and helping so much to make BYC happen every year!


Edu teaches yoga and massage in La Roca, close to Barcelona. Find his classes and courses at


Photo credit: Wari Om Yoga Photography and Cosima Bachler.

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