Reflecting on day 4 at #BYC2017 w/ Selma Schmid

Every day, I browse out to capture the highlights and take-aways of some of our BYC yogis.


On day 4 I talked to Selma Schmid. Selma gives treatments of different massage styles and teaches yoga and meditation in Izmir, Turkey.




Selma, how was today at BYC? 

It was good! It was a nice day. A calm day, a slower day. A good day!


Can you share something beautiful and something that was challenging for you today? 

Oh man, there were so many beautiful things, it’s hard to chose just one!

I did the yin yoga class in the morning, and I had to stay outside, because the class was full already. But it was so nice – there were some birds and I was under the trees, listening to them. I couldn’t understand everything the teacher said and I was trying to listen – but then I’d hear the birds sing again and I was just like “aaaah, so nice!” – so that was really beautiful.

And challenging…phew… I don’t know. It’s good, huh? [laughs] Maybe, ah – to choose the best dessert! Yeah, the food choice, what to eat, and which line to chose, that was maybe challenging. [with a big smile on Selma’s face 😉 ]


And what will you take with you from today?


It was a relaxing day and I felt today I was really getting into it, like today I fully arrived, I was just in the flow with the festival.

So again it was a reminder of: Okay, whatever will be will be. If you just stay half an hour, you just stay half an hour, it doesn’t matter. Take it slow, it doesn’t matter. Take your time, follow the flow. Today was definitely the best day of the festival.


Selma, thank you so much for sharing and enjoy the final day tomorrow!


Selma teaches yoga and other wonderful things in Izmir. Find her classes at


Photo credit: Wari Om Yoga Photography and Selma Schmid.

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