sthira sukham asanam @ Jivamukti BYC

We started the day with a dynamic Jivamukti Yoga class led by Olga Oskorbina. Olga chose to give a class on standing balances as a way to honour our relationship to the Earth and all the earthlings.

We chanted sthira sukham asanam beautifully in the beginning. Sharon Gannon, founder of Jivamukti yoga method, interprets this sutra as “connection to the Earth should be steady and joyful”, it encourages us to develop a relationship with Her and her children that is mutually beneficial. It can be done in many ways, says Olga, but one way that is accessible to all of us is conscious vegetarian diet and conscious decision-making, being aware of where and how food and consumer items get to us.

I especially loved her playlist with Michael Jackson’s classics “Earth song” and “Heal the world” that warm hearts. It seemed like we all connected with this high intention and hopefully it will dissolve into our hearts and find its creative ways in our lives so that we truly heal the world.

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