Shaking meditation, yin yoga & yoga nidra

shakingThis was the special combination proposed by Patrick Broome in today´s practice. We started with the “shaking meditation”. Patrick explained that it was developed by indian philoshopher and well known public figure Osho but that it is known and practiced by many native tribes around the world.

He explained that the purpose of this meditation is to remove blockages and tension as well and loosen up the body to a point it´s TOO much for the brain to handle and it has to disconnect, disassociate from the rational mind and go into a trance-like state.

And so under his guidance and with accompanying music, we shook for fifteen minutes or so, he led us through the meditation with some suggestions but mostly motivating us to continue the shaking in order to discover the effects in the body – mind. After fifteen minutes of shaking, we came into stillness and took some moments to cool down before we came to a seated position where we allowed for all the sensations to rise up and be noticed, it was a very interesting experience.

We then carried on to practice some backbends and heart openers before we eventually yoganidrato came into the guidance of Ranja´s sof t and sweet voice who led us through some gentle yin yoga hip openers accompanied by poetry & then a yoga nidra meditation that left us feeling renovated and replenished.

We ended with a brief moment of chanting led by Santanu Pyne to close this special practice in the sweetest way.

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