Restorative Flow with Juan Dong

Sharing the practices of yoga since 2002, Juan Dong brought her warm and kind spirit to Restorative Flow at Barcelona Yoga Conference. Her sweet smile lit up the room as she took her students through a calming and restorative practice for the entire body, especially the hips and low back region. Her background in Iyengar Yoga and Flow Yoga brought a uniqueness to the practice, one that held the postures for longer periods of time, allowing the practitioner to go deep within their physical body. And with intention on the breath, almost like meditation in movement, students flowed from one posture to another with a sense of gentleness and friendliness.


The part of class that was the most heartfelt for me was when she had the practitioners find a partner to perform massages on one another during Shavasana. Her clear instructions along with her demonstrations provided the students a safe environment to follow her cues allowing the giver and receiver to be fully present in the moment.



Being in Juan Dong’s presence one can easily feel her passion and dedication to practicing and teaching yoga. We were all very blessed to have her present and to receive her teachings! Thank you Juan Dong and Barcelona Yoga Conference!

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