My friend Krishna Das

So many hours I spent with Krishna Das. In yogastudios all over the world, at the beach, working, in pigeon, in shavasana, in my bed. His voice always close to my ears, close to my heart. So many tears he has seen, so much comfort he has given me.

And all of a sudden this old friend who knows me inside out enters the stage. With his notorious red T-Shirt and a pale face – probably exhausted from all the concerts he has been given during his tour through Europe.


The magic builds up slowly with the sky turning pink like the stage decor, with „Sita Ram“ and „My foolish heart“. When darkness sets in the atmosphere becomes more intimate. Two men stand up in the middle of the seated crowd embracing each other for minutes, swaying. As soon as the harmonium ebbs away, the crickets take over. Lively silence.


As the stars come out people finally dare to sing out loudly. Crazy dancing in the back, jumping on the sides. On the top of the hill behind us they illuminate the amusement park. A big wheel next to an impressive church topped with a Jesus statue. He probably enjoys seeing so much joyful devotion down here on this school’s soccer field!

This last Om, standing in the dark, hundreds of voices in tune, I will never forget!

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