Let the spiritual warrior emerge

As a Jivamukti-yogateacher I teach the so called „spiritual warrior“ at least once a week. It’s an hour long, vigorous Vinyasa class with a set sequence of asanas and a short meditation in the end. It really includes everything you need to quickly reconnect with your body. This is why Jivamukti-co-founder David Life ironically calls it the „class for ‚busy‘ people“.

So I thought I knew what I would be getting when Jivamukti-teacher Florian Reitlinger started his Dharma talk about the qualities of a spiritual warrior. To act from the heart, not from the mind. To be kind to your „enemies“ and try to understand where they are coming from. As Jesus said: „If you slap me on the right, I give you my left.“

But how Florian then translated these teachings into an asana practice really surprised and amazed me. After a couple of strong, very precise Jivamukti Sun Salutes he guides us through a slow powerful flow, holding Warrior Two very long and encouraging us to present and bend our vulnerable side in Humble Warrior. Repeatedly we came back to Diamond pose to reconnectwith our breath and meditate. And then 25 breaths in Ardha Matsyendrasana! Each side! After these intense twists, we could really feel our ego melting in Manipura Chakra, slowly seeing the „spiritual warrior“ emerge in ourselves.

IMG_1327Elegantly Florian made the connection to the motto of this conference „Peace is every step“ by Thich Nhat Than, the buddhist monk who is famous for his peace work during the Vietnam war and the conflict in Northern Ireland. His advise for politicians, war lords, CEOs and fighting family members is always: When you are attacked take a step back and breath! Don’t react from a place of anger or fear. Find your calm and act from your heart! What a beautiful message!

Another buddhist teaching Florian’s very different „spiritual warrior“ class reminded me of: Never think you know what’s coming! That’s your ego and your mind clouding your heart. Stay in a beginner’s mind!

To close the circle Florian and his wonderful singing and beatboxing friends rewarded us with the most beautiful version of „Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu“. Thank you, dear Jiva-brother!

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