Impressions: Rocket Yoga with Nina Adams

This was a long-waited for Rocket Yoga class with the amazing Nina Adams. I was very excited to try out this yoga method originally based on the Ashtanga Yoga.

Already in existence for more than 25 years, Rocket Yoga is a method created by Larry Schultz that is based on the famous yoga system of Pattabhi Jois.

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

As Nina put it so well, what makes it different from Ashtanga is it’s “playfulness”. Ashtanga yoga is a very stable system characterized for its strict rules and a requirement for a tremendous amount of discipline, effort, and dedication. Rocket Yoga, on the other hand, is a newer, more flexible, and still in the process of changing method, that mixes the Ashtanga postures in a novel way, making some of the more advanced postures from the second and third series available to the practitioners who are not able to advance so far in the series.

Today Nina took us through the Rocket II Series. Yes, in Rocket yoga you also have set sequences of postures, as you don’t just mix and match things yourself based on your fancy. Rather, you follow some of the rules created by Schultz, with a certain set logic behind them. This primarily differentiates Rocket Yoga from other Vinyasa Flow styles that are also originally based on the Ashtanga System.

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

The sequence was fun and challenging, and certainly very well-put together. After the practice, the body felt energized, well-opened, flexible, and stronger. I can definitely appreciate the existence of this method and practice it once in a while when the circumstances call for it.

Nina Adams certainly made the experience a pleasurable one. With her encouraging words, beautiful demonstrations, and friendly presence, she welted more than one heart in the room.

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

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