Hatha Yoga with David Lurey

David Lurey had everyone on their feet, moving and grooving for their last yoga class of the event! He initially had us gather towards the front of the stage to talk about the importance of sharing what we had taken away from the teachings we had received over the course of the event. We shared what we had learned with someone next to us as a way to help us remember and embody the teachings. Then we integrated five themes: flow, static, chaos, lyrical, and stillness as ways of expressing movement in our body before moving into our Hatha Yoga practice.


He authenticity and pure joy spread across the field of students as we all sang, danced, jumped, and skipped to listen to our bodies and hearts.


His instructions were clear which allowed us to define our movements and connect them with our breath to learn the intelligence of our muscles and bones. And when the time came to be still in our bodies, he reminded us that “Stillness is the root to all movement. Even though there is movement, it comes from a space of stillness.” His wisdom, creativity and sense of curiosity made us all feel connected and free in our bodies, minds and hearts.


Thank you David Lurey for your teachings, and thank you to Barcelona Yoga Conference for hosting an incredible event that brought thousands of souls together in one space to share the amazing gifts of Yoga.

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