yoga magic on Saturday’s BYC

Sitting in the shade of BYC Village this morning I chilled after a great experience with Pedro and Terra. This morning they led us through Tribal Trance dance.

The only three things that important, said Terra, is breath, intention and remaining blindfolded. So we all took bandanas from her and out them on, each with our own purpose and started with warming up pranayama to ease the mind. After five minutes of intense breathwork the sound of drums guided us into movement. Slowly and surely we were ready to leap into an ecstatic dance, letting our spirits dance through us. It is was wild, natural, animal like, liberating and amazing.

After a long break I continued with Miriam Wagner and her detox yin yoga was just what the doctor ordered. Her smooth voice slowly led us through the poses and we could delve into the fascia and deeper layers of the mind.

I wrapped the classes with one and only Patrick Broome, classic teacher of BYC, who always makes yoga simple, accessible and deep for all who attend his class. Patrick is gentle, humble, he speaks to our hearts and bodies and every class I ever took with him, led me into some inner realizations and insights that stayed. I am filled with gratitude for being able to practice with such good people, good teaching, elevated spirits.



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