Reflecting on day 3 at #BYC2017 w/ Selim Genisol

Every day, I browse out to capture the highlights and take-aways of some of our BYC yogis.


On day 3 I talked to Selim Genisol. Selim runs a yoga studio in Antayla, Turkey, where he also teaches.




Selim, how was today for you? 

Today was very nice! I enjoyed it, I feel good now.


Can you share something beautiful and something that was challenging for you today? 

I’ll start with the challenging part: Yesterday I was very tired because my body is in pain. Also today, even easy asanas were really challenging for me. So I realized that I shouldn’t push too much and I took a break, which was good! That’s actually the beauty, I think, that I took a break. Instead of taking another class at the end of the day, I went outside and meditated by myself. Deciding to do nothing – that is definitely beautiful!


Sweet! And what will you take with you from today?

Being without expectations, that’s something I will take with me from today.

This morning, when I  came to my first class, I had expectations about the class and the day. And so I got disappointed, because the first class wasn’t what I had imagined. After that, I realized I need to let go of my expectations and be open to whatever comes. Later  I went to an other class and it was just amazing! Totally unexpected. I was like… wow! I received it all because I was just open.

So my take-away is: Life is easier without expectations.

I totally agree. Thank you so much, Selim and enjoy the rest of the conference!


If you are in Antalya, don’t miss out on checkin Selim’s classes at


Photo credit: Wari Om Yoga Photography and Cosima Bachler.

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