Patrick and Takis – the German-Greek dreamteam 

This incredible big smile again! Sparking eyes and Krishna Takis jokes: „So many visitors from the north, all of these serious faces during the Yoga classes! You need some southern spirit, guys! You need some Greek love! Let’s dance!“

And there we are, dancing our hearts out to wild eighties music, spinning arm in arm with changing partners, jumping, running, turning. „Now,  show me your true nature“, Takis shouts before putting on „Over the Rainbow“. And we all go crazy! The workers from the nearby construction side can’t believe what they see, filming the crazy crowd with mouths wide open.

IMG_1252.JPG„Finally some serious laughter during a class here!“ Takis jumps up and down. After this playful very releasing warm up, he continues with a powerful, dynamic Qi Gong sequence. We start with working the root chakra by stomping, shaking und circling the hips, continue our way upwards through the Hara to Manipura Charka where we move the Chi by twisting, opening the arms and coming back to the heart again. Takis encourages us to accompany each movement with loud basic sounds to really release whatever is stuck inthe body. The workers definitely have their fun during this part!

„Now the fun is over!“ Patrick laughs when he enters the stage. Of course there is a joyfulness in the way he teaches, there are jokes about „the fireworks“ coming out of the cracking and finally dying microphone. But still Patrick guides us in to calmer, more concentrated energy with his slow sequence.


After changing legs in a wide-legged Parsvottanasana Patrick says: „The male has to be strong, so the female can relax and fully dwell into her receptive quality.“ A very telling remark as in this co-teaching session Patrick and Takis perfectly play out the Yin and Yang: Takis with his strong presence overflowing with love, Patrick with his subtle, more reflecting, inward looking quality.

Perfectly wrapping up this dance they wake us up from Shavasana by singing „Sita Ram“, the chant about how Sita and Rama, the queen and king of the universe, the earth and the sky find together. Patrick holding his head-mic in front of Takis’ mouth so we can all hear him sing. You really are the German-Greek dreamteam of the Barcelona Yoga Conference! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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