Impressions: Chi Qung & Yoga with Krishna Takis & Patrick Broome


Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

Intrigued by the combination and the two very well-known teachers in the field, I start my day with this class.

The beginning half is led by Krishna Takis. It all starts with the first and ultimate challenge of yoga: getting outside of our minds, quieting down our egos. The method: dance. A great choice indeed! To some well-known tunes from the 90s, we’re invited to move to the music and across the hall, meeting others, hugging them, dancing with them, being silly. I manage to circle the whole hall eventually before returning to my spot at the front.

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

What follow is a combination of Chi Qung, martial arts, and Zumba. To some catchy beats, we make our movements with some energetic goals in mind: here we work on our yang side, dealing with our anger, there we’re tackling our yin side, the victim. With many squats, jumps, and kicks, we also make grunting noises that resemble indigenous warrior’s call-out to each other across the jungle. Krishna Takis is funny, likable, warm, but also has a strong presence to him that makes you feel confident enough engaging in these funny little acts.

The second half is led by Patrick Broome. Our initial task is to open up the joints and to stretch out the hamstrings and the lower back. We continue through some gentle twists, forward bends, and core exercises. Patrick’s “universal yoga” is precisely that: it is a method that is gentle, soft, and best described as “therapeutic”, in other words, truly made for everyone. Patrick’s presence is quiet, gentle, and humble, his voice very pleasant and has a meditative sound to it. The final relaxation proves to be deep and fruitful.

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

You can still catch Krishna Takis’ Thai Massage workshop today in the afternoon (15:30-19:45 Yoga 2), and Patrick’s Broome’s yoga classes today 18-19:45 in Yoga 1 and tomorrow 14:45-16:30 at the same place.

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