flow like water

I was trying to choose one word to describe today´s practice with Simon Park, and what keeps coming back to me it “water therapy“. Ever since last year that I first met and practiced with Simon, I felt how connected he is to the elements, being water his leading one. And it is really beautiful how during this classes, he reminds us to honor ALL of the water and fluidity in our bodies by incorporating breath wave motion into the different asanas that we consciously and very gracefully are invited to practice through his guidance.


I particularly enjoyed today how he managed to motivate us to explore our unique rhythms and limits but at the same time embrace our sensations and move from consciousness instead of habit.

The class ended with a chanting meditation with live music that I enjoyed in a deeply surrendering savasana. The result was a truly pleasurable, therapeutic vinyasa that felt amazing and restorative to my body and mind and that left me feeling fluid and happy all over.


Can´t wait for more of Simon´s liquid fluid magic tomorrow at 14:45 and a full day to enjoy his teachings on Monday for the post conference event!

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