Winding down with Mirjam Wagner

After a full day of all kinds of Yoga, chilling, chatting, Kirtan here, Paella there, one can easily feel a little out of tune. Mirjam Wagner’s Yin class in the evening seamed perfect to come back to your inner balance.

After some beautiful chanting Mirjam’s joyful, yet calm way of teaching easily catches our still agitated minds slowly winding them down to a deeper, stiller frequency. She guides us through a well structured sequence including some more dynamic poses to loosen up the hips before finally lying down to target the fascia.

Accompanied by an angelic voice and a soothing guitar I drift into a dreamlike state. Am I still in cat/cow, butterfly or already in transition to reclined eagle? As the last sunbeams of the day touch my face I find myself comfortably resting in needle – a pose I normally avoid by all causes. And then the best shavasana of the entire day! Just because I am finally allowed to do in my most enjoyable position – on the belly.

When we sit up to chant one last Om I can hardly open my eyes. My heart is soft. My mind is only simmering in the background. I feel calm and at peace with myself. What a powerful effect a set of few, simple Yin Yoga poses can have on your body, mind and soul!


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