Every day, I browse out to capture the highlights and take-aways of some of our BYC yogis.


On day 2, I talked to Vreni Meinl, who lives and works in Vienna, Austria (and travelled all the way to Barcelona to join the BYC! :)).




Vreni, it’s your first time at BYC and you arrived at the conference this morning – how was your first day here at BYC?

It was amazing! I had such a great time!!


Can you share something beautiful and something that was challenging for you today?

It was beautiful to meet so many new people! New people with big hearts, super friendly people!

Something challenging was the Acroyoga class! I took the class with Ale and Pau – but I had no idea it was going to be Acroyoga. The name of the class made me expect a flow yoga class – but then it was Acroyoga! So that was new and it was challenging. But it was fun! It was great! [big smile on Vreni’s face :)]


What will you take with you from today?

That I can overcome challenges! I feel there was a reason I was in that class. I would have never tried Acroyoga otherwise. I wouldn’t have dared to, to be honest. But now I did, and it was great, and I am really going to take that lesson with me!

So will you go to another Acroyoga class?

Definitely! I already looked it up in the schedule, for sure I will do it again!

Amazing! Thank you for sharing and see you on the mat, beautiful! 


Photo credit: Wari Om Yoga Photography and Cosima Bachler.

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