Reflecting on day 2 at #BYC2017 w/ Stephanie Montembault

Every day, I browse out to capture the highlights and take-aways of some of our BYC yogis.

On day 2, I talked to Stephanie Montembault, who teaches yoga and organizes mantra singing events in Colmar, France.



Stephanie, how was your first day here at BYC?

Oh it was great!

[I wish you reading could see the look in her eyes and the huge smile shining in her face :)]

Can you share something beautiful and something that was challenging for you today?

What I really liked, something that really inspired me, is the way some teachers inject Bhakti into the yoga practice. At one point it’s not you and just yourself, not just your own body practicing anymore – you become one with the people. There is harmony. True connection. Heart-to-heart and eyes-to-eyes. You know, with the yogic sight, the gaze. I feel it’s a lot about connection here. I see people hug a lot and they are very open.¬†Sometimes, I find yoga can be very individual. But not here at BYC. Here you can share, you can connect. That’s really beautiful.

And challenging – the Jivamukti class was really challenging. Physically, and also mentally, I guess. I learned again that I really need to listen to myself, my limits and feel when I need a break. It’s interesting to observe how sometimes you want to go somewhere. “Oh, I want to do this” or put my leg somewhere. Or “oh no, I can’t do that”. This is only your mind judging the asanas.


I feel you, and I am sure many of us can relate to that. What will you take with you from today?

I think this connection. Trying to connect more to people. And being authentic! Not trying to reach something or tying to show that you are somebody else, or wearing a mask. Just be as you are. That’s what I’m taking with me after today!

Wow, beautiful! Thank you so much Stephanie and thank you for the awesome partner exercises in Olga’s Jivamukti class today! Enjoy and see you around BYC!


You can find Stephanie’s mantra events on

Photo credit: Wari Om Yoga Photography and Cosima Bachler.

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