Impressions: Prana Flow with Christine May

It’s a morning class, and as such it is a great beginning for the day.

It all starts with a shining Christine requesting to organize the class in the shape of the mandala: a circular, lotus-resembling shape that negates authority and invites whole-hearted participation with respect and appreciation towards each student.

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

As we are asked to settle down, Christine guides us through the theme of the class. Today we’re focusing on the fire element: the energy of our true will, our motivation, the energy that moves us forward on the true path of yoga. I am immediately very appreciative of the fact that Christine invites a powerful spiritual intention to lead the practice, as there are enough sports-oriented yoga classes in this world.

From the on-start, Christine also makes it clear that each person’s practice is unique and she encourages modifications to the postures, finding one’s appropriate rhythm, and listening to the inner teacher.

The class flows beautifully. No matter to which degree each of the student decides to ignite their personal fire, each one seems to fully engage in the group energy, with Christine strongly projecting her own fiery field. You can sense her self-aware excitement, her strong presence, her clarity, as well as her honesty, her vulnerability, and therefore her true strength. She is strong without imposing, without taking away from others. On the contrary: she is strong because she gives, she shares, she encourages the strength of each of the participant. She can give because she has, and she has because she makes herself into a real vessel through which universal energy flows. Without fear of not having enough, she is giving herself to the fullest, and is therefore projecting abundance that is truly inspiring and moving.

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

Very grateful to have had the experience, I can only recommend the next two classes in the next two days. Tomorrow morning Christine will be going through all the elements, not just fire, and on Sunday, Christine promised a gentle, heart-oriented practice. Don’t miss out!

Special recognition to the wonderful Sabine for a very harmonious musical accompaniment ❤

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