Impressions: Jivamukti Yoga with Olga Oskorbina

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

I walk into the room and place my mat at the front. Olga Oskorbina, surrounded by her senior students, is preparing for the class. In just a couple of minutes she will take us on a journey comprised of some yoga wisdom, live music, chanting, challenging flow, and a mini meditation at the end.

She starts by explaining a little bit about the method: where it came from, what are its main elements, class structure, and, most importantly, the reason why we do yoga at all. As she talks, you can see she is a very sensible human being: smart, funny, but also humble and real. She speaks out of a place of confidence and a balanced mind, she explains things in a way that everyone would understand and relate to, she bring the practice into life by setting an example herself. She mentiones compassion, light, love, and she invites the participants to dedicate the fruits of their practice to a being in need, someone who could really use some of the good energy and love that the practice could unleash… given the right intention.

Following the setting of the intention, Olga welcomes us to ponder the meaning behind one of Patanjali’s yoga sutras that speaks about the idea that the way we perceive things is determined by our pre-conceptions and previous experiences, not necessary reflecting the true circumstances of the events we’re faced with at the present moment.

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

She then follows with the physical practice, structuring the class in the way that first warms-up and opens the body, slowly building up the strength for some inversions later on. In a series of very practical partner exercises, Olga gives the students the tools to prepare for more advanced inversions like handstand and peacock pose, as well as to support their fellow practitioners in the steps building up to the asanas (providing in the process some good tips for yoga teachers).

After the inversions, we proceed into calming postures to prepare the body for some well-deserved rest and a mini meditation. In the rest phase, Olga’s very pleasant voice continues to guide us to into a deeper relaxation and release of the effort. A well-though of music list has definitely added to a pleasant over-all experience, and that’s considering that generally speaking I don’t like loud music in my practice.

Yes, this was definitely a great experience, and I’m very happy I went. I encourage you to seek this experience with Olga’s only other class at the conference this Sunday, and you will not be disappointed!

Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko

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