Just stay in heaven

After a hellish tempest during the night followed by a three hours delighted flight from Berlin I accidentally landed at this market hall near Las Ramblas. Where instead of the finding the heaven of green smoothies I looked into the eyes of a slowly dying lobster on ice. Worst case scenario for an innocent yogateacher searching for peace, love and vegan food in Barcelona. But how much greater was the relief when I finally arrived at the Escola Sagrat Cor de Sarrià where the BYC takes place.

I sneaked into the big concrete gym where three dozens of couples where already practicing Thai Yoga Massage in a big circle. Soft guitars and gentle singing. Embraced by the peaceful atmosphere I immediately felt I could leave the world outside and just ease into the present moment. I sighed and sat down to watch. But with Krishna Takis there is no „just sitting by“. You have to experience it, be part of it. „Hands on“!

While still swaying the calf of his „patient“ on his knee Takis sent me one of his famous contagious smiles asking if I wanted to receive or to give? – „Both of course! Isn’t this is what Yoga is all about?“

And indeed after luckily receiving my very first Thai Yoga massage by one of Takis’ students, giving and receiving two more during the afternoon session I really felt it: Deep relaxation. Yin and Yang. Heaven. Yoga – the place where I’m missing nothing. „This is where I want to stay“, I thought. This is the perfect place to enjoy. To relax. To play. To connect.

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