Bhakti Vinyasa with David Lurey

Once again, the official pre-conference program offers a chance to take an all-day workshop before the regular program starts. I decided to spend the day practicing asana and singing with David Lurey.


David took us on a journey through evolution. Evolution of us, as the universe; us, as humans; and us, as individuals. A journey through 14 billion years of change and becoming. WOW, right? And that’s what David calls devotion, when you look at it all and you go like: wow!

Our journey of devotion and evolution had six stages: We went from the origin, from formlessness to form, then we moved on to explore the different forms, shapes and ourselves in our bodies, so we now could connect with each other from a place of inner centeredness. The morning session was a beautiful mix of singing, asana practice, play and more singing.

After the lunch break, the tempo slowed down. We picked up the practice by consciously reflecting on the different aspects of ourselves through movement and playing with the body’s limits. From there, we focused on expansion (through chanting AUM 108 times) to come back to connect once again (where we blindly browsed though the shala like atoms looking for possibilities to react with – until we all found and merged with the spirit. Great game!! :))


Throughout the whole day, as we were embodying various animals, saluted the sun, rolled off our mats, explored our voice and vibrations in the body, partnered up with each other and moved our breath, David would keep reminding us: And here we are. Expanding and evolving for 14 billion years and counting. Asking the big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

And he kept inviting us to explore.


In the morning, I had little idea what Bhakti Vinyasa would look like. Now, after a day of moving, singing, connecting to myself and others and playing freely, I highly recommend you all to give it a try!



PS: If this made you curious, definitely check out David’s teaching schedule around the world. And for now, maybe you want to try out the three guiding principles David chose as a frame for today’s Bhakti Vinyasa workshop:

  • Explore with great interest
  • Remember the intention
  • Feel, rather than force

Have fun exploring! .


Photo credit: Wari Om Yoga Photography.

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