Why attend Barcelona Yoga Conference?

The Barcelona Yoga Conference is a wonderful opportunity to gather in a space filled with inspiration and growth. Beyond the amazing opportunity to experience one of Europe’s largest Yoga Conferences, which includes 5 full days of yoga, music, and dance, and open to people of all ages and backgrounds- regardless of one’s level of experience, below I share my 3 reasons for attending this incredible yoga event!

Photo Credit: embarcelona.com

First, and the most simplest reason, if you are interested in yoga, this is the perfect event for you! With options of attending one full day, all five days, or even just participating in the free activities that are offered every day-all day, you will have the amazing experience to immerse yourself in all things yoga. Yoga practitioners of all levels, beginners to advanced, will have the opportunity to share what they love, what brings them joy, and together, will journey to a space where we can learn, support, and grow as one.

Tickets still available!

An event such as this one is great if you are new to yoga, which leads me to my second reason for attending Barcelona Yoga Conference.

Photo Credit: embarcelona.com

You will have the opportunity to experience a variety of yoga styles with 60 teachers and artists internationally recognised. If you are new to yoga, here is your opportunity to try a variety of yoga styles to find the one (or more!) that speak to your body, mind, and soul. Also, for long time practitioners of one particular style, this event will provide you opportunities to try other styles that you may have not thought about trying, such as Jivamukti Yoga, FeetUp Yoga (free event), and Original Tribal Dance to name a few. If you are new to the practice, I would personally recommend Iyengar Yoga and Yoga For Everyone; however, there are many more amazing ones to try which can be found here!

Additional information below on my recommendations:

Iyengar Yoga will be taught by teacher Juan Carlos Russo, who “…takes people to a journey of healing and self-discovery, a journey of spiritual awakening, and active joyful life. Juan Carlos background of studies includes: Osteo-Thai for Lower Back, Internal Organs, Breathing Process, deep understanding of CraneoSacral, and Dynamic Thai Massage.” 

Yoga For everyone will be taught by Patrick Broome, who has over 2 decades of experience in teaching yoga and is the Author of “Yoga for Man”, “Yoga for All”, “Yoga Life” and “Spiritual Warriors”.

(Source: barcelonayogaconference.cat)

Photo Credit: embarcelona.com

Third, and one that I find the most valuable to me is being apart of a community of over 1200 participants from 5 continents! It’s truly an incredible feeling to come together as one with the interest of sharing your passions, dreams, and life with one another. The energy is awakening to the body, mind, and soul, and it’s a feeling only one can experience. During the event and especially afterwards, you may feel a sense of renewal, have a new found passion, and inspired to share all that you have learned with the world.

May my reasons for attending this incredible event in the most beautiful city and location shed light to your decision in joining me and thousands of other light-filled souls!

Special thank you to the creators of Barcelona Yoga Conference:

Mireia CastellsaguéPau Castellsagué, and Wari Om from Omshanti Yoga Studio!

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