Why I come to BYC w/ Lluis Conejeros

A lot of us are already counting down the days until BYC. I asked a few of those joining this year’s BYC what makes them come and what they are looking forward to.


Today I’m talking to Lluis Conejeros, Karma Yogi at BYC.




Lluis, you have been to BYC a few times before. What makes you want to come to BYC?

When I came to BYC for the first time, three years ago, I didn’t know anything about this conference. At the time, I was going through a difficult phase of my life and I felt that yoga might help me in a different way to realize and understand what was happening in my life. And what I got from being at BYC was just amazing. I was feeling being loved – so much! I felt respected and really… like really home. But really loved, you know? Like the place where you heal.

And when I took a Thai Massage workshop with Takis, the second I started working with my hands on my receiver, I started to really feel. And there I realized: Come on! This is me! Be yourself! And I started to allow myself to fully and really enjoy the days there completely.

So now, this being the fourth time I am coming to BYC, it is more like I want to see my family! I want to share my love with all the family. And it’s growing every year! The family is becoming bigger and bigger, it’s expanding! This is what BYC is for me now. A place where I can meet anyone in the world. I feel like the whole world is there. And I feel love from all around the world. And I just feel that.

BYC is his place where we can all be all love. Because that is all we are. And that’s what BYC is about, to me. And the creators behind it, the Castellsagué family, Pau and Wari and Mireia: they really are the promotors of this place of energy.

I love to surf life. And these are the four days of my life where I surf most in my whole year. So I want to come every year!


You also have three kids –  can you bring them to the conference?

Yes! Last year I took them with me for the first time, so this year will be the second. Last year it was just perfect. It was family with family, unbelievable! Everyone, every Karma Yogi offered me their help: people offered to take care of my kids so I could go and join workshops! It’s incredible!

No wonder I really enjoy to be part of this and serve and give back. There where so many funny and beautiful moments, and I feel like: yeah, one more! We are all one. This is the thing! You can come and be one with your kids. You can truly connect. And this can only happen when love is happening. And that’s what BYC is.


In your dream, what will a day at BYC look like?

Anything is possible! So I am wide open. I have no expectations at all when I am at the conference. Everything is happening in that moment, right now, the presence, the present now, you know.

A friend taught me a saying last year at BYC: “Expect the unexpected without expectations” – and this is my mantra. During a single day at BYC, so many things can happen. And my approach is: stick to the program. Serve as you want. Whatever comes up, keep cool, stay centered.

I can not imagine BYC without unexpected things happening. At the BYC, we live in flow, we receive things as they come and experience and deal with them. Rain! No kirtan! So we come up with a solution, then update, no rain! So the kirtan can happen just as planned. I really can’t imagine doing anything according to plan, there is always something unexpected coming up. And it’s okay, because there, I am really in the flow, I really allow myself one hundred percent to be myself.

It’s like a playground there. And I really love to connect with people who like to play [giggles]. I mean, yes, there is a plan. We know we want to get from A to B. But on the way from A to B, anything can happen if you allow yourself to play. And then everything can be easy. When you have no expectations, anything can happen.

So this is what I am looking forward to!


Thank you, Lluis, now I really can’t wait! See you in a few days!


Lluis offers different kinds of therapy, massage treatments and works as a chef in Catalunya. During the BYC, he will be helping to pick up and welcome those arriving by plane with a big beautiful smile and a warm hug.


Photo credits to Wari Om Yoga Photography and Lluis Conejeros.

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