Why I come to BYC w/ Dana Saadhe

A lot of us are already counting down the days until BYC. I asked a few of those joining this year’s BYC what makes them come and what they are looking forward to.


Today I’m blessed to talk with Dana Saadeh, co-owner of the beautiful Mandala Yoga Beirut.

(Dana is the beautiful woman in front, holding a longboard <3)



Dana, this will be your first BYC! What makes you want to come to BYC?

Honestly? The OmShanti group! Sorry, I’m not gonna lie [laughts] –  it’s really all you guys. Pau, Ele, Danielo,… I just want to reconnect with everybody I met in Omshanti. I did a Thai Massage course there recently. Pau Castellague was teaching, and it was such an amazing experience, full of love. So now, I just want to hang out with the sangha, see the family again, that’s it!


How did you first hear about BYC?

Pau told me about it. He discussed it during the Thai Massage training. After he talked about it, I asked him some more questions about the conference, then I got the water bottle with the BYC logo at Omshanti – and all the sudden I decided to join BYC this year! I knew I wanted to come immediately! [laughs]


Whats your connection to yoga?

It is what I do on a daily base. I make my living out of yoga. But on a personal level, it is my Dana time. My inside time. Just letting go for a few moments. Stillness. Peace. It’s my practice. It’s breathing time…


In your dream, what will a day at BYC look like?

My dream? Whoooop! [cheers] Okay, I got excited now, hehe.

I wake up in the camper van, I wake up my friend and we have some fruits or fruit juice. Then I do a nice practice with a big group of people, lovely people. After that I go chill and see you guys, my friends from Pau’s course, and we have some nice talks. Then I  walk around and discover. Maybe do some Acro Yoga or even give a Thai Massage. Whatever I will find, as I walk around. I will do that a lot, walk around and discover. Because I really have no expectations. Basically I just go explore.

Maybe then we’ll have some food together and after that go for some more chanting or whatever I will be drawn to. And then I guess meet you guys again, share stories, share massages – share love!

Yeah, I need massage!

Everybody needs massage habibi – big time!

Thank you, Dana, and see you in two weeks!


Dana is an incredible yoga teacher, runs a beautiful studio and community space in Lebanon and gives magic massages. When you find her among all the other beautiful yogis at BYC – I suggest you catch her and share a smile (or get a Thai Massage ;)).


Photo credits to Wari Om Yoga Photography and Dana Saadeh.

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