Why I come to BYC w/ Jeppe Skovgaard


A lot of us are already counting down the days until BYC. I asked a few of those joining this year’s BYC what makes them come and what they are looking forward to.


Today I’m excited to chat with Jeppe Skovgaard, Teacher at BYC 2017.


Hi Jeppe! So great to see you soon at BYC! You are teaching again – how many times has it been so far? 

This will be my 4th year in a row! I made sure not miss one. (smiles)

What makes you want to go to BYC?

Well often I find big conferences dry and quite impersonal. But BYC has a feeling of family and coming home. It is about reconnecting and regaining roots – and that is not to be taken for granted! The fact that BYC is so familiar and loving and that’s thanks to the organisers. They put a lot of heart and soul into the event.

Also, they bring the same teachers again – so BYC for me is also about seeing the same people again whom I’ve met and gotten to know over the years.

I really like the teachers that are invited each year and I always enjoy also taking some classes. Last year, Angelina Farmer’s class was really special to me, for example.

And of course I love the vibes at the spot! The premises of the school are just superb.


What is your own connection to Yoga?

Yoga is very present and relevant in my life.

To me, my practice is a reminder, the reminder, of the possibility of unity. I really believe that. And I hope everything I do and teach is about getting closer to unity. Reconnecting. Reconnecting with yourself and others. The practice really is a good place to recenter and remember what it’s really about.

Also, I teach yoga classes throughout the year at a couple of studios in Copenhagen.


I hear you are very excited about coming to BYC! So in your dream version: How will a day at BYC look like?

My day will start outside the BYC grounds with a coffee and a fresh croissant in the warm sun, thinking about the weather in Denmark.

Then I will go to teach a class  and meet a lot of amazing open-hearted people there. And I will enjoy that! (audibly smiles ;))

I will have a short midday in heat and then back to classes, maybe taking a workshop with Farmer, Takis, Patrick Broome or another teacher I don’t yet know.

In the late afternoon I see myself singing, or playing with the acroyogis on the lawn. And in the evening we’ll have some wine and a good dinner, hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a year.

And you know what the cool thing is – this sounds like a pretty accurate description of a day at BYC!


Sounds amazing, Jeppe! Thank you so much and I will see you soon at #BYC2017! 


Check out Jeppe’s classes in the schedule (incl. pre-conference) and find out more about Jeppe on his website.


*(I really, really, really recommend you check out his class! Went to many of his classes, yoga and acroyoga, in Copenhagen and around festivals. And they have always been great.)


Photo credits to Wari Om Yoga Photography and Iftah Shavit.

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