the roots of yoga

Today, June 21, we celebrate two special events: the summer solstice (the awaited official beginning of summer) and since 2015, declared by the United Nations, International Yoga Day!

How are you planning to commemorate this special day? Some of us have already participated in the traditional 108 sun salutations at dawn organized worldwide or got up and sat in meditation or did our daily asana practice. However you decide to celebrate this day, it´s a good opportunity to take a look back at the origin of this practice and better understand its roots.

photo by: zuluna

The word yoga comes from the root “yuj” that in Sanskrit means union. It is nice to remember this because sometimes we might forget that when we come to our mats, the physical practice becomes a tool to cultivate union & awareness of breath & movement, body and mind, ourselves with everyone else and our environment. As we begin to cultivate presence and honor our physical body & all our inner components through the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation, we begin to respect everyone else’s process to cultivate consciousness in them and this connects us from very a deep place to one another.

The commemoration of this international celebration reminds us that Yoga is an invaluable gift from India to the world. Since it´s origin estimated more than 3,000 years ago, it has expanded from the roots, transformed, shifted, evolved but the essence remains the same: the pursuit of well being and ultimate happiness (bliss/ samadhi) through realization of our unlimited potential as beings of love & light. 

union & celebration
photo by Wari Om

Let´s celebrate yoga everyday, let´s unite to lift each other and share the benefits of this ancient tradition so alive and relevant for today’s worldly challenges. Come get inspired and inspire others and share the love and union of yoga with amazing teachers, practitioners & fellow yogis & yoginis at the Barcelona Yoga Conference, one month to go! Are  you ready?!


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