Hungry in Barcelona

¡Hola mis amigos! I hope you are still hungry after last month’s post, where I shared my favourite restaurants in the beautiful and sunny city of Barcelona!

This month I present La Clotenca, offering delicious pizzas with vegan and gluten-free options, Temps de Terra, a beautiful store and restaurant in a neighbourhood I just recently discovered and love, and my all time favourite ice cream shop, DelaCrem!

If you try any of these dining options, I would love to know your experience; it would be great to go back and try new things! Leave any comments or recommendations at the bottom of the post. I look forward to reading them!

La Clotenca

Upon entering La Clotenca, I immediately felt their warm and welcoming energy. The menu offers a wide range of pizzas, with incredible toppings making it difficult to choose. Luckily my husband is always willing to share. So we ordered two pizzas, the Calabaza Pumpkin (pictured on the left) and Marrakech (pictured on the right)- needless to say, they were both amazing! I had to come up with a fun excuse to celebrate with pizza the following week so we could go again. We did!

Just to get your taste buds a little excited, below I share the ingredients for both pizzas:

Calabaza pumpkin passion- fresh mozzarella or vegan mozzarella, pumpkin mash, oven-stirred mushrooms with parsley and garlic.

Marrakech habibati- 100% mozzarella or vegan mozzarella, lentil hummus, cherry tomatoes, sliced green olives and oven-stirred spaghetti, courgette ribbons.

Additional “healthy” toppings that can be added to your pizza include spirulina, chia seeds, dried fruits, lino seeds, and crispy onions. Lastly, choose between turmeric or buckwheat flour for the crust.

The restaurant’s space is great for large groups, and if you have kids that love pizza and want to learn how to cook, La Clotenca also offers kitchen workshops for the children of the house. Super cute!

In case your in the mood to dine-in at home, check out Just-Eat to order online and have your pizza delivered to your front door!



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Read reviews and leave one too, they will greatly appreciate it!- TripAdvisor

Temps de Terra

Located Northwest of Barcelona city, Temps de Terra “shop and kitchen” offers fresh produce that is beautifully displayed in their naturally lit store and a dining room where the chef prepares a variety of dishes each day for take-away or dining-in. Marcos and Christian are regularly at the shop assisting their customers and always making them feel welcomed!

In addition to produce, Temps de Terra also produces a variety of products with fruits and vegetables that have reached a point of ripeness to create jams, compotes, preserves and quince. I highly recommend their olive and chocolate paste with bread from Le Pain d’Eric et Benjamin.

“Temps de terra is not a conventional place. It is an organic restaurant (with a shop) that only cooks food that is in season. The cook prepares recipes from his grandma, simple and delicious. Every day he prepares different dishes that are displayed in a counter, but you can ask them to cook whatever they have in the shop and they will do it for you. They have several greenleaf dishes, rice dishes, omelettes etc. I would recommend for gluten free as well, as they do not put additives to their food.” – Mia, TripAdvisor Reviewer


Visit their beautiful shop and dine in their kitchen- Temps de Terra Shop & Kitchen

Learn more about their orchards and fruit.

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Read reviews and leave one too, they will greatly appreciate it!- TripAdvisor


Recently a friend shared with me, “Hoda the ice cream was to die for!” I couldn’t agree more. DelaCrem is an ice cream shop I recommend to any one I meet who is visiting Barcelona and looking for the most delicious treat for anytime of the day.

Considered to be the best ice cream in Spain, with close to 600 reviews (4.5 stars) on TripAdvisor and also noted by TimeOut Magazine, DelaCrem offers crafty, creamy, and natural ice cream that is made daily in their workshop. The also serve excellent coffee, more than 10 varieties of tea and have a great selection of artisan bakery and confectionery.

Also, Delacrem sorbets don’t contain any animal derivate, therefore they don’t contain fats and are suitable for vegans.

In regards to which flavour I would recommend- all of them! Once you have your first taste, I am confident you will be going back for more.


Google maps

Follow them on Facebook for updates on their natural flavours of the season!

Read reviews and leave one too, they will greatly appreciate it!- TripAdvisor

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