mama earth

“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.”- unknown

illustration by merakilabbe

April 22, Earth Day! Another opportunity to reflect on our beautiful, magical home and to realize how, unfortunately, many of us are disconnected from it. As much as I would like to only write about smiles and butterflies, I think it is important and yogic to also write about the things that are not so pleasant in order to face them and reflect on how to make our contributions to make this a better world for all!

Despite having this amazing, fascinating, mystical planet as a home to grow, play & explore, it is an unfortunate fact that many beings, human and not human, live under suffering. War, violence and injustice affect so many of us that we cannot turn our heads and ignore it anymore. Also, as nature teaches us, balance is key for thriving, while many of us suffer, we cannot flourish as an unified planet.

This might pose a challenging, gloomy situation. It is indeed sad & unfair that many of us suffer in this world on a daily basis, but it is also the reality of our lives right now. After recognizing this is the state of things, we have to also accept that our doings and non-doings contribute in so many ways to the happiness and to the suffering for all. Despite what you might think, being one among 7 billion other humans; your acts, your decisions, your choices affect all of us, for we are not living in our separate spheres, our lives are profoundly and deeply intertwined in this fascinating, astonishing mama Earth.

photo by: mirko franscesoni

It starts with you, honoring your body and mind system as a part of this universal balance, it then expands to acknowledge that each and every one of the beings in this Earth are on an individual journey that includes decisions, choices and actions every day. Once we acknowledge the power of our decisions and actions, we will not want to make decisions that disrupt the beautiful, fragile balance that we flourish in.

Yoga (union) is a powerful tool to create awareness and understand our potential, building from what we discover to be true, and our interconnection with all other beings.

No yogi(ni) in the process of building consciousness, cultivating awareness and presence can remain indifferent to the suffering of others. May we, through our yoga practices, realize the importance of making choices and acting in ways that contribute to the balance and well being for all beings on Earth!

Also, here are some practical tips to include in your daily life to cultivate mindfulness & make your contribution:

  • Remember to turn off the lights or unplug any electronic devices when you don´t need them
  • Plant a tree, flowers or herbs that help bees strive, they are fundamental for our survival in this Earth
  • Consume, as much as you can, local products to avoid use of fossil fuels & contamination
  • Avoid eating meat, excessive use of land & resources, not to mention suffering are necessary to sustain our contemporary excessive meat consumption & it´s not healthy anyways
  • Walk or use a bicycle to move around, it´s healthy & sustainable, avoid car use as much as possible
  • Reduce the use plastic, re-use as much as you can & recycle, don´t throw any plastic or cigarette buds on the street, they make their way to the ocean & pollute & screw marine life
  • Save water by mindfully using only what you need and recycling rain water if you can
  • inspire others with your example & be the change you wish to see!


“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children” unknown

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