between the mountain and the sea

Like all other cities of the world, Barcelona has its challenges, problems and things to improve. Nonetheless, I think we would all agree after travelling around, that it is one of the most amazing cities to visit, study or live in.

barcelona_tibidabo_panoramic_view_of_barcelonapic by:

One of the most fascinating things about Barcelona is it’s natural setting: in between the mountain and the sea. The northern border of the city is the Colserrolla mountain with it’s charming hiking trails and magnificent views of the city and the sea from up above. To the South, the city is bathed by the Mediterranean waters. Most residents are really conscious of this physical situation and when asked for directions, we often respond, towards the mountain or towards the sea to offer guidance.

This year is my tenth anniversary in this beautiful city, I’ve moved around it throughout these years, exploring different neighborhoods and settings, closer or farther away from the sea or the mountain. Like with my yoga practice, my experience in this city & with my yoga completely transformed when I moved beyond the urban/obvious setting and began to interact with the nature around me. That´s right, when inspired by my teachers, I started to enrich my practice with images and elements of mama nature, I felt a gradual transformation from a superficial experience to a more organic, deeper one that related profoundly to the components within me. This is an analogy of my relationship to this city as well, as I started to move beyond streets, cars, buildings and interacting with the mountain and the sea, I started to enjoy my experience in this city beyond what I can describe in words.


We often forget that yoga means union. Yes, union of body and mind, of our unique consciousness to the universal , but also union of ourselves with our surroundings. We nowadays have constructed such artificial environments that we have become separated from the elemental: from the elements that constitute our bodies & minds, the essence being those we find in nature: water, fire, earth, wind & space. No wonder many times we feel lost and disconnected…

Everybody finds inspiration in so many different things, this is the beauty of diversity! But let´s not forget where we come from, where we are going and what we are made of. Let´s remember through our yoga to re-connect, re-unite to our source, our elements, to find balance & honor our essence.

I invite you to connect wherever your are with your natural surroundings and also, to come flow and be inspired at the Barcelona Yoga Conference between mountain and sea. Scholarship applications available until April 25th.


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