Hungry in Barcelona

Cosmic Pizza at El Café Blueproject

Living in Northern California, where organic food, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options are in abundance, I was thrilled to see even more amazing options alike in my new home, Barcelona.

Each month I will feature three of my favorite restaurants located in various neighbourhoods throughout the city. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

El Café Blueproject

I will start with one of my absolute go-to cafés, El Café Blueproject, serving delicious raw vegan food, desserts, and more. Their entire menu is organic, with options of raw food, vegan, gluten free, with nuts, and slow food. Each time I eat here, I am always served high level of quality food, and that is because each week their menu is created on local seasonal products and use the finest of ingredients. Besides the delicious and filling dishes, the ambiance of the café is bright, welcoming, and educational. On the walls, you will find wisdom filled quotes and bookshelves of books covering topics on nutrition and health. On their website they share, “The Café BlueProject is a cozy place that makes everyone feel at home,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Either before or after your meal, you can also visit their foundation, which happens to be right next door. “Blueproject Foundation is a non-profit contemporary art foundation from Barcelona – a multidisciplinary art space and creator of quality content, aimed primarily at offering a respectful and in-depth vision of modern and contemporary artistic creation.” (Source:

If you do visit El Café Blueproject, be sure to take a walk, maybe bring a book, to Parc de la Ciutadella. It’s absolutely gorgeous. A park that is meant to be experienced. Enjoy.

El Café Blueproject- Menu

Where to find them- Google maps

Read reviews and leave one too, they will greatly appreciate it!- TripAdvisor


I hadn’t even ordered my food and I knew I would come back to Aguaribay for more. I had a feeling that anything I would order would be amazing, and it was! Aguaribay is known to present a “tasty and imaginative vegetarian menu.” Their dishes offer vegan and gluten-free options, with gastronomic influences from different countries, including Argentina, Italy and Catalunya. After taking my first bite, I could easily taste the biological, fresh and seasonal ingredients. (Source:

Aguaribay- Menu | Lunch menu provided Monday through Friday

Where to find them- Google maps

Read reviews and leave one too, they will greatly appreciate it!- TripAdvisor

The Juice House

From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the welcoming team at The Juice House. It was obvious to me that this place was made with pure love and passion, and you can taste it in their dishes. The Juice House serves more than just healthy, delicious juices. It’s also a place for vegans, flexitarians, and veggies, including gluten free options as well. So if you are a food lover, know that The Juice House welcomes you to their home and look forward to serving you!

Oh, and if you love pancakes as much as I do, The Juice House serves them all day long!

The Juice House- Menu

Where to find them- Google maps

Read reviews and leave one too, they will greatly appreciate it!- TripAdvisor


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