The Ultimate Wisdom

Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona

The Ultimate Wisdom

Written by Hoda Samiee Flores

gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha

Gone, gone, real gone, beyond even the most gone. Ultimate wisdom remains when everything has dropped away.

When all is gone,

beyond who I think am,

who you think you are,

beyond the roles that we play,

beyond our physical bodies,

beyond time and space,

we find ourselves here

With our stories, our pains, our sufferings

Together in this space

Right here, right now


Gone, gone, real gone, beyond even the most gone


In this space where we meet

There is no separation of you and me

There is only us

And through compassion,

through kindness,

my heart connects with yours

And there is only love


Because that is the ultimate wisdom

When we are empty of the separate self

We are also full of everything in the cosmos


And with this comes a responsibility to take care of one another

Thus I will take care of me

so I can take care of you


May we use the practice of yoga to connect with that ultimate wisdom

That which remains after the illusions of self drop away


The journey is always right here, right now

And with intention and attentiveness and a quality of openness to our lives

The nature of reality will reveal itself

That deep within you

And deep within me

There is only us

There is only LOVE.

Sources of Inspiration

Jivamukti Yoga Focus of the Month, written by Cat Alip-Douglas

My teacher and mentor, Olga Oskorbina, founder and owner of Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona

My dear husband and beloved source of light and love, Herbert Roldán Flores

Seeking The Heart of Wisdom by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield

Ram Das Podcast Episode 86 – Reality of Who We Are

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