10 Reasons to join Barcelona Yoga Conference July 20-24, 2017

1. Barcelona Yoga Conference is one of Europe’s largest yoga conferences.

Credit: Barcelona Yoga Conference

That’s right. According to the ultimate guide of yoga conferences around the world, Barcelona is by far the largest, the longest, the most exciting, and the most popular yoga conference in Europe. Of course you also have Yoga Spirit Festival in Brussels (24-26 of March), but things have not been going so well there in terms of safety, so I doubt it would draw a lot of international crowd in. Then there is Yoga Conference Germany (May 25-28), but who wants to go to Germany in May anyway, it’s still cold! (I can say it, I live in Germany)

2. Barcelona Yoga Conference is 5 full days of Yoga, Music and Dance

Credit: Barcelona Yoga Conference

What I enjoyed about Barcelona Yoga Conference 2014 was the fact that it felt very authentic, cozy, friendly, fun, and damn musical! There was kirtan almost the whole day, and practicing on one of the roof tops you could hear the gentle sound waves brushing against you both far and close, touching your heart deeply. Then after a class you could go sit, and listen, even dance, surrounded by beautiful smiling faces, drinking in the songs of devotion, love, and the praise of the divine.

3. Barcelona Yoga Conference features over 1200 vibrant participants from the 5 Continents

Wow, I remember the surprise and appreciation I felt when I first realized how rich and spread the range of participants was, and that’s 3 years ago. Since then, and I watched closely although I couldn’t join because of my pregnancy and subsequent duties of motherhood, the Barcelona Yoga Conference have truly blossomed and expanded!

4. Barcelona Yoga Conference  is full of free activities every day all day

Credit: Barcelona Yoga Conference

I was amazed at the fact that when I was there, the premises were full of all kinds of free of charge activities: kirtan, anti-gravity yoga set-up to relax hanging upside down after an intense class, lectures, and numerous acro-yoga jams. In short, those on the budget can find many things to keep themselves occupied the whole day from dusk till dawn (and the sun sets late in Barcelona).

5. Barcelona Yoga Conference will showcase this year 20 Yoga styles!

Are you an Ashtangi? Do you swear by Yin Yoga? You love your Vinyasa Flow or Jivamukhti? Whoever you are and whatever you like will most definitely be at the Barcelona Yoga Conference 2017. And when you feel like exploring a new method or style, you will for sure be offered an opportunity.

6. Barcelona Yoga Conference 2017 is a home to 60 teachers & artists internationally recognized

Here’s my personal pick for the most interesting teachers/artists of the Barcelona Yoga Conference 2017, as of now:

Credit: Tyler Stableford

Krishna Das – Kirtan. Having studied with Neem Karoli Baba and Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das is probably the most intriguing and well-known American Bhakti Yoga devotional singer. Since 1996 he has put out 14 albums, having received in 2013 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album.

Mirjam Wegner – Yin Yoga. Based on Mallorka, Mirjam, together with her partner David Loorey, run a yoga therapy center that has been helping people from around the world to initiate healing processes in the body, mind, and soul. Her teaching style is gentle and meditative in nature, and she is a powerful and beautiful woman who is truly inspiring.

Santiago Pinto – Ashtanga Yoga. Is a local Ashtanga Yoga teacher in Barcelona. He has practiced for the past 15 years, with his main teachers being John Scott, David Robson, and Gregor Maehle.

Almuth Kramer – AcroYoga. Originally from Berlin, Almuth is a well-known teacher all over Europe. Coming from the background of performing arts, Almuth has this unique ability to make people of all ages rediscover their playfulness, creative self-expression, and mutual trust through elements of partner acrobatics and yoga.

Credit: Getty Images

Patrick Broome – Yoga for Everyone. Originally a Jivamukhti yogi who brought the style over to Europe, after 20 years of teaching, Broome has finally decided to open up his own yoga center that would be “for everyone”. Featuring the most popular yoga styles, it claims to offer an ample mix for anyone out there wanting to take up the practice of yoga.

7. Barcelona Yoga Conference offers 108 Scholarships for people in need

conference 2.png
Credit: Barcelona Yoga Conference

The masterminds behind the conference are a generous sort: they are offering scholarships for those who wish to participate but don’t exactly have the means. There are the 50% and a full discount options available. Learn more and apply.

8. Barcelona Yoga Conference will cater to a person of any need with 45 Stands

Wether you are a yogi or a business, check out the opportunity to see what’s happening in the yoga industry and share with others the gift of thoughtful, beautiful, ethically made, and delicious products.

9. Barcelona Yoga Conference will have 15 Translators and 10 Bloggers on site

Which means it is a truly international conference! It was important for the organizers from the get-go to have translators available to make sure no important yoga knowledge got lost in translation. The blogger team, to which I proudly belong, is there to supply you with cool facts, infos, in-depth takes, interviews, and other type of inspiration.

10. Barcelona Yoga Conference is kids friendly!

Credit: Barcelona Yoga Conference

I’m brining my toddler with me: it’s time he sees that yoga is something cool that other people enjoy, not just his crazy mommy.

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