Undoing Yoga by Angela Farmer


It is truly a privilege to be in the presence of a teacher that has been devoted to transmitting this practice for over 30 years.

We were all puzzled by what the “undoing yoga” would mean. Angela said that after practicing for many years, having reached a certain level in asana practice she still felt like getting nowhere, same fears, same doubts and confusion. What she looked for was to feel good about herself in her being holistically.

In her own playful ways Angela invited us into free movements with a question “While I am doing this do I feel sincerely myself?”, “Does this feel right?”. It was a playful class that led to feeling of freedom, surrender and empowerment. With Angela yoga becomes alive from the inside as we were able to let the body express what it wanted at that precise moment.

Amazing experience and looking forward to more in the next days.

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