inquire, we are made of pure intelligence…

constant orgasmThe day started early with a delicious fluid practice with Meghan Currie.

Meghan named this session, constant orgasm. She explained that we were going to search for a space in between the most subtle, a place of a constant buzzzzzz, in between the peaks, the ups and downs. She invited us to inquire about this space with our bodies, which are made of pure intelligence and be open to receive the answer, remaining super receptive to be able to trully FEEL.


Among the most interesting things that this session presented were:

  • when we learn new things, there is a symphony of complexities, inquiry if among  these complexities, you can still find this space of the constant mmmmm.
  • remember that everything is a process and there is no perfect, only practice.
  • open your perception to simmer and feel your true essence, what better gift than to be able to feel who you REALLY are!


Tomorrow, more of Meghan´s charm at 10:15 and on Monday, a whole day to practice with her at her Post Conference event!

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